New Sermon: From Suffering to Hope #ResurrectionEffect

Where can you find hope when you are suffering deeply? The apostle Paul’s life models for us a surprising attitude that sees suffering as an opportunity for God to reproduce his character in us. Paul wants his life to show the life of Christ. That’s his priority, even when he is in pain. He never minimizes human suffering, but he does maximize the hope for glory. Take a listen to this week’s SermonCast to discover how much Christ wants to walk with you in your places of pain.


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New Sermon: Opportunities in the Dark #ResurrectionEffect

The world is full of dark places. Most people try to avoid them. But what if we saw those places differently? What if we saw the dark places in the world in light of the resurrection of Jesus? Maybe then we wouldn’t avoid the dark places. Maybe we would see them as opportunities. And not just any opportunities. Great opportunities. Great opportunities to shine new light and love into places that desparately need it. Tune in to this edition of the St. Mark SermonCast to explore how the resurrection transforms the world’s darkest places into our greatest opportunities.


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God’s Design for Dying Bodies – Romans 6:1-14 – Pastor Matt O’Reilly

We know what shame, guilt, and condemnation feel like. And we don’t like the feeling. It feels like death. But we feel trapped. Because it seems impossible to get free from the behaviors that bring that experience of shame, guilt, and condemnation. We want to be free. We long for it. We just don’t know how it could possibly happen. But what if there was a way to overcome feeling like a slave? What if there was a way to be made new? What if it has to do with Easter and the empty tomb? What if freedom from the many things that bring guilt and shame is part of the resurrection effect? What if everything could be different? What if we could be free?

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