Early Learning Center Art Show Featured on Fox 10 & Open Registration Coming Soon

The St. Mark Early Learning Center (ELC) Art Show has begun! Take a look at this spot from Fox 10 for more info on the Art Show and the ELC. And if you are looking for a place for your child, registration for the 2015-16 school year begins Thursday, January 22, at 7:30 am. Openings will be available for children 8 weeks old to 4 years old. For more info call (251) 232-2106 or email stmarkmobileelc@gmail.com.

Real Presence: Christ with Us (Advent 2014)

Real Presence Image fbThe season of Advent is about waiting. And waiting usually comes with tension built in. The particular tension in Advent comes in the joyful Christmas promise that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. And yet Advent always reminds us that we are looking forward to his coming again, that we are still waiting to see him face to face. But if Christ is God’s presence with us, and if we are waiting on Christ to return, then we naturally ask: how is Christ present with us now? After all, none of us have seen or touched him in a way like that of his first followers after his resurrection. How is Jesus with us today? The Church’s answer from the earliest days is simple: Christ is present in the bread and wine of communion. He is present at his table. We’ve saved you a place.

Miss PattyCake is coming to St. Mark!

pattycake header

Where: St. Mark United Methodist Church

Date: Friday, December 5

Time: 6:00 pm

“It’s Christmas, the best time of the year!” You are invited to this live sing along with Miss PattyCake as she introduces children to the characters of the nativity, CELEBRATING Jesus’ birthday. And, children discover what God wants for Christmas! Be sure to stick around after the concert for pictures with Miss PattyCake!

The Joy of Generosity: New Series Nov 2

Joy of Generosity ImageThere are many words to describe God. One of those words is “generous”. And what an excellent word to describe the big-hearted and overflowing extravagance of God’s grace. We can be exceedingly grateful that God relates to us with a generous grace. But if God treats us with such generous grace, shouldn’t our lives be conduits of that grace to others? Shouldn’t we embody that kind of godly generosity? Doesn’t God desire that his people be generous as he is generous? Because he is generous? And as we grow in godly generosity, aren’t we then growing in grace? And if generosity is about grace, isn’t it also about joy? What if growing in generosity produces joy? And not just any joy. Deep joy.

Beginning Sunday, November 2, we begin a three week journey to discover “The Joy of Generosity.” Along the way we’ll consider the overflowing generosity of God in Jesus Christ. We’ll reflect on how generosity relates to life as followers of Jesus. We’ll even spend some time talking about church finances, apportionments, and how money is really about mission. The journey will climax on Sunday, November 16, when we make our 2015 covenant giving commitments. If you need a current commitment card, download it here. Join us each week in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 am for VIVID or in the sanctuary at 10:30 am for the traditional service. See you there!