First time at St. Mark?

We want you to be a part of our community.

If you are new to St. Mark, we want to be a community that leads people into ever-deepening relationships of life-giving love in Jesus Christ. That starts in worship. So we hope you will join us for a service. We meet every Sunday at 10 am. You may have a few questions.

What should I wear?

People come to worship at St. Mark wearing anything from jeans or shorts to suits or dresses. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Where do I go?

Our weekly worship service is in the sanctuary, which is the large building at the front of the property. If you want to come for Sunday School, adult classes meet in the Education Building, which is located directly behind the sanctuary.

Where do I take my children?

Children’s Sunday School and the nursery are located on the second floor of the Education Building directly behind the Sanctuary. After Sunday School, the kids come to the Sanctuary where they worship with their families for the first half of the service. After the children’s sermon, they go with their teacher to Children’s Church on the second floor of the Education Building. You can pick them up there after worship.