New Series: Made for His Presence

New Sermon Series Launches Feb 18

Ever feel overwhelmed by the Old Testament? Lost in Leviticus? Numbed by Numbers? Then join us for this 5 week series of messages. We’ll take one week for each of the first five books of the Bible. And we’ll focus on the big picture without getting bogged down in the details. Get ready to be surprised by what we discover about God and about ourselves. What are God’s purposes for us? Why did God make us? What we find may just surprise you.

Feb 18 | Genesis | Presence Lost
Feb 25 | Exodus | Presence Regained
Mar 4 | Leviticus | Life in the Presence
Mar 11 | Numbers | Endangered Presence
Mar 18 | Deuteronomy | Future Presence

Two opportunities to worship every Sunday

10 am | Traditional in the Sanctuary
11:15 am | Contemporary in the Fellowship Hall


New Series: Follow

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Why would you want to? Where are we going? How much does it cost? Who’s invited? What difference does it make?

Those are the questions we’re asking in this 4 week series on following Jesus.
Nov 5, 12, 19, & 26

Two opportunities every Sunday
10 am| Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary
11:15 am | Contemporary Worship in the Fellowship Hall