We want membership to mean something. That’s why membership at St. Mark is not about what you get. It’s about becoming a part of the mission, and making sacrifices to ensure the mission is successful. Membership means responsibility.

St. Mark members promise to:

  • Worship weekly – Make it a priority to be in worship every Sunday unless you are sick or out of town.
  • Pray daily – Commit to pray daily for other church members, attendees, and the people we are in ministry with.
  • Give regularly – Make a financial commitment to support our shared ministries.
  • Grow intentionally – Commit to joining a Sunday School class or small group to grow in your faith and become more like Jesus.
  • Serve faithfully – Find a place to serve in a ministry of the church whether inside the wall or outside the walls.
  • Witness joyfully – Let others know about the beauty you’ve discovered through a life-giving relationship with Jesus and participation in his church.

First Step

All prospective members should take the First Step class. This is an opportunity to find out more about St. Mark, what we believe, our mission, and the ministries we engage in. First Step classes are held periodically throughout the year, usually on a Sunday afternoon. Call the church office at (251) 342-5861 to find out when the next class will be held.

Baptism and Joining the Church

Baptism with water is a beautiful instrument of God’s grace to his people. It’s a sign of God’s love for us and commitment to us. If you’ve been baptized before in a Christian denomination (e.g., Catholic, Baptist), then we recognize that and there’s no need to do it again. If you’ve never been baptized, you will have the opportunity to do so during the worship service at which you become a member.