Parents & Children Love the ELC!

The St. Mark ELC is blessed with an incredible staff of leaders and teachers. 

Below are a few affirmations from ELC families.

“I am so happy that we decided to send our child to the ELC. We had her already registered somewhere else but when we heard that Susan was starting the ELC at St Mark, we decided to follow her on her journey. I am so thankful that we did! She has learned WAY more than I ever thought she would & has made lots of new friends. I love hearing about her day & am always so impressed with what she is learning. I am so thankful for our teacher & so happy that she cares so much about her students. She loves her & I couldn’t be more happy with everyone at the ELC.”


“For Our Teachers – These two are the sweetest and kindest teachers. My son talks about them all the time at home, which lets me know that he truly enjoys his time at daycare and lets me know that we are doing the right thing as parents in sending him to St. Mark ELC everyday. We feel blessed beyond words to have them in our lives.”


“Thank you for all that you have done to make our daughter’s transition to St. Mark ELC go so smoothly. She loves her new school, but clearly loves each of you. Just knowing that makes her daddy and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful teachers in her life. We can’t say thank you enough for all the love and attention that you show our sweet angel each day. We definitely see it and hear about it every day at pick up time! She can’t wait to share with us how much she enjoyed her day.”


“How do you even begin to say thanks you to the people who care for the most precious thing in your life. I NEVER thought I would find somewhere to leave my child, I had scoured Mobile, some places I never even got further than the parking lot. But the day we walked into St. Mark  and started looking around I knew it was an answered prayer. The first day I left her in the loving arms of her teacher, I cried but she did not. Over the school year all of our teachers have become friends, daily we talk about funny things that happened or odd behaviors. This attention to detail and emphasis on the little things are so important (especially to the first time moms), so I don’t feel like I am missing out on as much. I am always in awe of our teachers ability to multi-task and be SOO patient. The guilt of being a working mom has slowly been lifted from me because I know that our child is not just being “watched” she is being loved and nurtured. I know that that isn’t the case everywhere and that we truly have something special. (naturally I am now crying) I know it isn’t said enough but THANK YOU, you are all such a blessing.”


“Thank you so much for all that you do for our children. I can not thank you enough for your patience and understanding while teaching them new and different things. They say that a child’s brain has developed 95% of it’s capacity by the age of 5. WOW what a challenge to you and to us as the parents. I have noticed my son talking more about God than ever before in his life. This is the most awesome gift so far!!! God Bless you and your family! He loves going to his new school and he especially loves his teachers. We love you!!!”


“There are so many wonderful things that i can say about our child’s two teachers. Thank you for always making my son feel loved and thank you for giving me and my husband the piece of mind that he is having fun and in a loving environment. I think that the best way to tell you how he feels is to tell you what he did a couple of nights ago. As we were saying our prayers, and we went through our family…..’God Bless Mama, Daddy,…..etc……’ he said , ‘Mama! god bless my teachers.’ That says it all!!”


“To Our Child’s Teacher – We remember open house night where you took our son from us and stood at the front of the room when the teachers were introduced to the public. On opening day there was a water issue with the crawlers classroom and you walked up to me and took him out of my arms, walked away and headed towards one of the baby rooms. As I watched you walk away with my baby in my arms, I knew in my heart that you were a very special lady that would love and care for my baby as if he were your own. Thank you so much for sharing your kind and loving spirit with my son and with us. I appreciate how you often talk to me in the mornings telling me about what he is doing.”


“To Our Child’s Teacher – You are such a God send to my son. We realize that he can be a handful and takes a lot of patience to deal with. My heart swelled, the day I was told that he was so attached to you. It brings me such joy when I see you embrace and care for my son. It is very sweet and tender and I leave him every morning in your arms with a peace and trust knowing that he is going to be cared for by a woman, that knows him intimately and will respond to him according to what he needs at that time. You have very special gift of love and thank God for you.”